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Sunday, 3 June 2018

The next chapter in my life...heres to new beginnings! feels like forever ago when I last wrote a blog post and it feels kinda weird writing this one. My previous posts have been about my life and how life got stuck and everything seemed to go wrong, now I am writing a post about no longer being stuck and my journey feels like its moving. So I haven't wrote a post in a while because my life has changed a lot and I don't have as much time anymore, I still want to write but new changes happened in my life so I have been focusing on that. So whats happened, why is the title of this blog post called 'the next chapter in my life' well its because I got a job in fashion! I got a car! I left my part time job which I was at from 16! My life has been a whirlwind change from feeling pretty low, having no money, no job and feeling like I am stuck. To joining a recruitment, getting a interview that same week, got the job at the interview and started 2 days later. It's been mental!!

So, yeah It happened, I finally got a job!! YASSSSSS!
As you know, I have a degree in fashion styling and image making and I have been interning but I couldn't get a full time job in fashion for almost a year and it was really getting me down. I also got messed around numerous times by companies either offering me something later in the year and continuing to want to have me as unpaid or an intern to then being offered my dream job and it all falling through and the job I got offered then put all over social media. Basically its been a rough ride, the end of my degree was tough and the journey after was even tougher, I had no independence, money and I got stuck in the same pattern...looking for jobs, looking for jobs and looking for jobs. But finally after a pretty shit 12 months I got a job in fashion...

I signed up with a recruitment agency called forward role, which I only signed up with due to one of the women there followed me on linked in and I followed up and emailed her. Within that first week I got put forward for 5 roles, face timed the team, met different departments of forward role and got my first interview. By the second week I had my interview on the Friday, got offered the position and started the job the following Monday - that was over a month ago now!! It didn't feel real and it all happened so fast, now I am over a month in at my job and I received my first full time wage, bought a car and left my part time things can change so quick right?!



So yeah, I got offered the job on the friday, I handed in my notice at my part time job on the Saturday, I bought a car on the Sunday and started my new job on the Monday! If that isn't a quick turn around then I don't know what is. That same week I was crying my eyes out to my mum feeling so lost and like everything was falling apart, to that Friday being offered a job and all those things happening that weekend. It's mad how life can change, how you feel so low at one point to it all changing. Not just my life has changed in the last month, I have changed so much too I didn't even realise it. I'm now independent and I love it.

The hard part of all this? Leaving my part time job, don't get me wrong I have been there since I was 16, never had a weekend and I was pretty sick of it. But saying goodbye to people I have known for 6 years, colleagues that have become my best friends was hard. But I was so ready to close that chapter in my life, I always felt like I never really grew up because I worked weekends from 16 and I just wanted to have a life at the weekend like everyone else, I didn't work in the week but I worked at weekend when everyone else was off, it was annoying and hard and this past year I never wanted to leave more, it was my time. It's more weird than anything, I only officially left 2 weeks ago and last week I had my leaving party, so this weekend was the first weekend that actually hit me. Like wow, I get weekends, I can do stuff and I feel like I'm growing up. It's so nice! But thats a part of my life which was constant for 6 years, now I've closed that chapter and that excites me, as I have now opened a chapter to my full time career, my passion, what I have worked for and what I was to progress I can finally say I work in fashion, not as intern, not unpaid...I am actually an official role, with a full time wage and it feels good.

I am not going to go into detail about my job because well it's new and this post isn't about that, the post is about life changing and grabbing it with both hands. Sounds cheesy but its so true, never give up on what you want because if you don't, your hard work and determination will get you there, no matter how long it takes. Also I HAVE MY OWN LITTLE CAR!!!!!!!!! Wow that has changed so much for me, I can hop in my car whenever I want, I drive to work, I pay the bills, I get petrol - I actually feel like an ADULT. Something I actually own, it's mine. So yeah, I haven't really been posting on socials and I haven't blogged since all this has happened, I am getting use to long days, working full time, getting in a routine and adjusting. So my blog sat down for a little while, I still love writing but priorities in my life have changed and I guess I wanted to share that with you, I miss writing, I miss social media but I'm not saying goodbye to my blog, I am just welcoming a whole new chapter in my life. 

 'Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen'

I got this quote framed off my friend and it is true, if you believe it and don't give up then you'll get there I promise. Life can be so shit, hard and really mess with your head. But you gotta stay true and never give up on what you want, life isn't easy, I am only young I have a lot more hard things to come, everyone does. But I had to write this post to really show how life can change so fast, I guess thats the beauty of life. We should enjoy it, the good, the bad and the ugly, because life is too short. Heres to the next chapter in my life, to finally turning that page and to see what the future brings...

Fashion Bambi

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Up your gift game with Old English Co.

Are you one of those people that love buying gifts but hate buying what everyone else has? If thats a yes, then you seriously need to check out Old English Prints.

I am that person that really hates buying the norm things that everyone else buys, I love finding new things and adding cute, personal and quirky elements to gifts. So on this blog post I am working with Old English Prints to show you all the gifts I love and why they would be the perfect added gift to anyone you love. But also to let you know about the competition they are holding to win a set of their super cute enamel pins.

Gifts aren't just for birthdays, christmas and anniversarys sometimes gifts are for little achievements or showing someone your thinking of them. What I love about Old English Prints is that there gifts are for a variety...someone graduated, new home, you fucked up, going through a hard time, appreciation, support...A gift can really be for anything, not the obvious and sometimes the smallest present when least expecting it are the best ones. So I have pulled together my ultimate Old English gift guide for all those occasions good or bad. To just say, hey I'm thinking of you...








No matter the occasion I feel like we should all make more effort to create the smalls things and celebrate the tiny victories or make the hard times easier. It doesn't have to be expensive or hard work, it can be simple but mean so much. The idea of gifts isn't focused around birthdays or christmas's lets do it, just because. Cute, thoughtful and all done online. So if you want to tell someone your thinking about them or congratulations are in order then make sure to check out the full range at Old English Prints.



& to view all the enamel pins, click here


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