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Thursday, 29 September 2016

ASOS Autumn Edit

I don't know if it's just me but I love autumn. I love the bitter cold outside, the time for bubble baths and hot chocolates, wrapping in blankets and of course halloween. But mainly I love autumn clothes, it's a mix of that not cold enough to wear a giant coat to that not hot enough to not wear a jacket and I love that. 

These are some of my favourite new in pieces off ASOS. All of these pieces are a must have for me, because I love the neutral tones of autumn after bright clothing in summer and the use of layers and finding that perfect jacket. Boots are also a YES item for me, I love that when its autumn all of your trusty boots come back out making every outfit look completely on trend and effortless. Oh and how could I forget...A mermaid blanket, I mean come on everyone needs one of those their life.

Fashion Bambi x

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Favourite Fashion Week Moments

Topshop Unique Spring 2017

I completely adore this collection because of the overall feel of it, representing trend features through the cutting of the fabrics and shape of each garment. I love the vibe this collection gives off, showing a work meets pleasure feel with it's mix of tailored and fitted structures to the delicate yet bold detailing and fabric texture. I think the collection works so well and adds that perfect mix of style and expense.

Julien Macdonald Spring 2017

This has to be my favourite collection so far, I love every single piece from this collection. It's the cutting, the skilful and elegant cuts across the fabric makes the most beautiful detailing and cut work, with the use of indulgent fabrics makes this collection a stand out one for me. Each piece is made through the accuracy of the cut work and complimenting the female form through the shapes which structure round the bodies so beautifully. Everything about this collection seeks extravagance and a sexy feel.

Vera Wang Spring 2017

Vera Wang is one of my favourite designers, so I always look forward to her collections and how she will design each time. As always all her collections are simplistic by colour palette and layering but capture detail through oversizing the fabrics and structure of the garments or adding enriched detailing to each piece. This collection really represents that perfect balance of capturing the romance of the garment and how the fabrics work with the body. Another brilliant collection.

Marchesa Spring 2017

What a beautiful collection. I am a sucker for all things embellished and fabrics which remind me of fairytales and this collection really captures everything I love about design and making a collection feel like a movie. The fabrics are rich and floaty representing such beauty in the way the fabrics fall and how they move around the body. I also love the colour palette, it's so dreamy and full of neutral and subtle colours to bring in all of the detail of the embellishment and workings on the dresses. Every single piece has something completely different from the cut to the layering, yet I love that overall the collection works well together flattering each other. A definite favourite.

Those are four of my favourite Spring 2017 collections from fashion week so far. I adore the runway shows and as a fashion student I fall more in love with designers and collections each year. I keep up to date with all the shows straight from my phone using the Vogue Runway app which is handy for being on the go and seeing what is happening on the runway daily. 

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