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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Winter Wishlist

Seint Relaxed Sassy Jumper

It's that time of year and it really has come around fast...It's freezing and it means your winter wardrobe is in need of some new pieces and these are my top picks/my winter wishlist right now. My favourite piece has to be the khaki jacket which will soon be mine, thanks to it being a christmas present from a loved one. So I am very excited about that and the rest, well this really is my winter wishlist because I want all of these must have pieces. As you guys probably know from reading my past blog posts my wardrobe is quite simplistic and my colour palette is normally full of muted tones like these, so theres no surprise that these are some of my favourite pieces right now. You can't go wrong with classic colours in winter as the clothes speak for themselves and this is defiantly the time of year to work that dark wardrobe. 

My must have style tip right now - Invest in a midi jumper dress and that will be your key piece this winter...pair it with your favourite kicks, add a cap and a padded jacket and your all good too go. 

Fashion Bambi x

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