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Friday, 31 March 2017

Rock And Roll Vibes

Missi/Brand Attic Jumper Dress - SOLD OUT
Brand Attic Black Boots


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Eylure Review


Eylure is a brand of eyelashes which I have always used. I have always been quite scared to try out different brands of eyelashes as I didn't know which would be best suited to me. I am not someone who wears eyelashes all the time, however I love to have the option of wearing them if I want to. I need false eyelashes to be easy to apply, as I am not a pro at putting them on. So for me I have found that Eylure lashes have always been super easy to apply, especially with their new stick on lashes.

I love the wide range Eylure have and that I can try out different styles for different occasions. So I thought I would review some different lashes for you, so you can see some of the ranges they do and what they are good for. This is my first beauty review so be sure to comment below if you would like to see more of these.

I thought it would be good to start off with the best for beginners. If you are like me and don't wear eyelashes very often then having a complete starter kit is a great option. It's perfect for practicing putting on eyelashes and has everything you need inside the kit. Including; 1 pair of lashes, 2 tubes of adhesive, an applicator and a practice lash. This is the perfect set for anyone wanting to test out lashes and have a play around.

Looking for an everyday eyelash? Then these are what you need. The Naturals range is a thin and soft lash which adds to your natural eyelashes creating a natural yet more defined look. I love these lashes because they are the perfect way to add a little something to your lashes without them looking too much. Perfect for a natural, everyday look.

These lashes are from the Rosie Bea Collection, they are a complete collection which is for the natural eyelash wearer. They are super soft and consist of a 3/4 lash to add some added volume to you natural lashes. These are great lashes to start off with when trying out lashes because they are easy to apply and a full eyelash isn't needed. They are super cute and they add a little sparkle to a daytime look.

The Lengthening and Volume range of lashes are great for an evening make up look and a bolder eye. I think these are great for people who have quite short eyelashes as either of the ranges add more definition to your natural lashes and create that extra boost. Perfect for a glam look, that give your eyes a kick.

These are some of my favourite lashes and my go to night out lashes. Both lashes are from the collaboration with Cheryl and Fleur De Force. I love these lashes because both ranges have a variety of different styles for every mood and every look. They give your lashes a boost and can glam up any look, they are super easy to apply and add a soft finish to your eyes.

I hope this helped anyone wanting to learn a little more about different eyelash styles and what Eylure offer. 
I know that choosing eyelashes can be overwhelming sometimes as there is a lot of choice. But hopefully this has given you a little insight into some eyelashes that could really suit you.

I hope you enjoyed my first review, I have lots of beauty reviews coming to the blog very soon so be sure to follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with all new things to come.

Lots of love as always,
Fashion Bambi 

Friday, 24 March 2017

The Perfect Match


Pull And Bear Chocker
Pretty Lavish Black Jumper
Missguided Khaki Trousers
Ego Black Lace Up Heels

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