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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Swimwear Wishlist

It's everyones favourite time of the year, right?

Swimsuits have become a huge trend recently so I thought I would put together my favourite swimwear pieces right now. These are from brands that are offering super cute swimwear at an affordable price. Lets be honest, if you are anything like me then I like to get new swimwear every year and it can get quite pricey. These are on trend and completely flattering all at high street prices that you can't say no to.


What I love most about swimsuits is that they literally suit everyone. Every figure and every shape, put on a swimsuit and you can make it work and completely rock it. A swimsuit hugs the body and adds that perfect feel of comfort and feeling sexy. I love the ranges they have right now with super cute words and slogans on the front, they show so much personality and I have become completely obsessed with this trend. But if your not someone who likes that whole vibe then no worries, swimsuits are also super minimal and have that added detail of caging or lace up to add a little extra. Then if you don't want anything added at all then you can go for a completely simple all one colour swimsuit and can't go wrong. There really is one for everyone.


Lets talk bikini's, I have a love/hate relationship with bikinis. One day I put one on and feel like it suits my body and I'm fine, the next day I'm like no it shows all the parts I hate. I find that bikinis are super difficult because I could love a top but hate the bottoms or visa versa. However the fact that the high wasted bottoms is still a trend excites me. I love how these look on everybody, they are basically a swimsuit with a cut out which I really love. Not showing too much body but having that extra bit of skin on show. Then theres the whole sports swimwear trend which the top looks like a sports bra which I love. This adds such a cool and fresh edge to your standard bikini. So the standard bikini is defiantly upping it's game and giving us more options.

Overall swimwear this year is completely on point, the trends seem to finally be suiting every shape and size. I hope you liked my top picks and treat yourself to a new piece this summer.

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