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Monday, 17 July 2017



Cute Nutrition

Hey everyone, welcome back to another review on my blog! This is a review I have been wanting to do for so long and something I am super excited about. I couldn't wait to review all of my favourite products from Cute Nutrition and let you know what I think.

First things first I use all of these products with a healthy, balanced diet and going to the gym 5-6 times a week. This is something I highly recommend when using products that contain protein and vitamins that help weight loss otherwise you will not see any results.

I have so far tried the strawberry and chocolate flavoured protein powders and I can't get enough of them. Firstly and probably the most important thing for a lot of people, does it taste good? YES YES YES. This is the first protein powder I have had that doesn't leave a sickly feeling or bloated feeling in my stomach. Also they basically taste like milkshakes, there not just okay - they taste amazing.

I have been using my protein in 2 ways...

1 - As a source of protein straight after the gym to repair sore muscles. I use half the amount it says for a full shake/mixed with a nut based milk. This really reduces the pain or aches in my body.

2 - As a protein shake/smoothie for breakfast. I mix in a blender fruit, protein powder, nut based milk and fat free yogurt. This is a great way to start your day with something filling and healthy, getting you through till lunchtime.

I use two of the vitamins from Cute Nutritions Vitamin collection and I am looking into trying out some more as I am super impressed with the results I am seeing from using these vitamins so far. Vitamins are great if they are used with a balanced diet and to target something specifically.

I started using these Green Tea Extract vitamins for the main reason I don't like many green teas and found that the benefits of having green tea is something I wanted within my diet.


- No bitter taste of green tea
- Boost your energy
- Loose weight naturally
- Keep your hunger at bay

I take my green tea vitamin once a day with my evening meal. From using these vitamins consistently I have found they really help keep me feeling hungry in the evenings. Due to working out daily I start my day off more hungry and find evenings are my weak point for naughty habits. However when I take this vitamin I find it really cuts that craving than on days I don't have one. Also I have a lot more energy and can find myself more active.

I started using the Acai Berry vitamins because I was always having an uneasy and very swollen stomach, which seemed to appear no matter how healthy I ate. I read up about these and thought I would try them out and wow I can't believe the difference they have made.


- Natural weight loss aid
- Contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals
- Boosts your energy levels and immune system
- Prevents bloating

I take my Acai Berry vitamin 3 times daily with breakfast, lunch and tea. The impact these vitamins have had on my life is huge, my bloating is now at bay and the days I forget to take this vitamin really mess up my stomach and the bloating starts. Using these vitamins has helped me so much and got rid of something that I was really struggling with and I really do swear by these. If your someone who suffers from bloating then give these a whirl. So many benefits and I couldn't recommend any product more.

Cute Protein Bars

I finally found protein bars that actually taste nice hooray!
I have tried so many protein bars on the market and they continued to let me down by there awful taste. I tried these protein bars thinking the similar thing that no matter that they were chocolate they probably wouldn't be that nice. 


- Curb your sweet tooth
- Only contains 123 calories 
- High in protein and packed with vitamins
- The perfect snack for being on diet

However I was soon mistaken. These protein bars taste like a really yummy chocolate bar and I can't believe how good they actually taste. They are a small chocolate bar packed with protein and vitamins. These really are a gym and chocolate lovers dream. 

I hope this gave you an insight into the brand Cute Nutrition and the type of products they sell. I am completely obsessed by this brand and will continue to buy from them and try out more of their ranges. As a upcoming brand they are continuing to bring out more and more products on the market that are right up my street and hopefully yours too. 

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  1. protein products allllways make me feel bloated and bit grim as HELLO CUTE, YOU LITTLE BEAUTY! you can be added straight to my basket...!

    katie xx

    1. Yes I was the exact same! Be sure to give them a go xx

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