Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Hello girls and welcome back to my blog, todays blog post is all about this beauty of a palette MORPHE BRUSHES 35OS. I wanted to do a first impressions/review on this palette and let you know my thoughts.

Firstly, I have wanted a Morphe palette for so so long and finally got my hands on one for my birthday. My palette is 35OS. I am slightly obsessed not gonna lie. I heard so many great things about these palettes so I really wasn't sure which palette to pick. However I decided on this palette and I defiantly made the right choice, the colours in this palette are defiantly my go to shades for eyeshadows and are a perfect mix of nude/bronzy tones.

Look at those colours, I mean you literally can't go wrong with these shades. They could make the perfect nude and natural make up look for the day or mix together some of the more shimmery and popping shades to get the perfect evening look. This palette is so pigmented and the colour is true to the colours in the pan. I have had a play with a few different colours and I can't believe how much they make my eyes pop and really stand out.

I am loving the rustic/golden tones this palette has and how you can create the perfect eye look with a mix of the darker brown tones with that added shimmer and colour on the lid. I also love the fact its such a huge eyeshadow palette, the selection is endless. This is all you need, no need to carry around other palettes when travelling, take this palette and your good to go. You can create so many looks and try out lots of new colours all with one super huge palette.

I swatched some of my favourite shades from the 35OS palette for you. I just love how each of the 5 shades I swatched you could make a completely different eye creation separately and thats not even half of the palette. There is a massive 35 shades in this palette, that is just crazy!! I think these palettes is worth the money, they are a palette which is a go to for shades, pigmentation thats popping and a huge 35 shade range to choose from. My only criticism would be they need mirrors. These palettes would literally be perfect, they just need a mirror to really make it a compact and easy to travel make up palette. But other than that its one great palette!

I will link below some of my favourite Morphe Brushes palettes for you to shop online.I hope you enjoyed my first impressions of this insane Morphe palette, comment below your thoughts if you have any Morphe palettes or eyeshadow palettes your loving.

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