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Tuesday, 29 August 2017


My wardrobe is slogan central right now and I am loving it! My outfits consist of slogans a lot right now because I have become completely obsessed with the trend. I have mentioned previously that I am a comfortable wearer and there is nothing I love more than wearing my favourite trainers and a super laid back look. Thats exactly why I love my slogan tees, they are super easy, make an outfit that bit more fun and add some personality. I own quite a few slogan tops right now and my collection is growing for sure! Here are some of my favourite slogan tees which you need to get your hands on!!


I love nothing more than a white tee with some writing, simple yet completely on trend. I adore these tops above and they are for sure on my wishlist, the list is endless. How empowering are these slogan tops for girls right now through, there is so much GRLPWR vibes coming through and I just love the fact the tops say everything they need too. They are iconic and the slogan tee trend is really powerful for women, so grab your slogan tee and wear it with pride ladies. Heres to us and to celebrating the fact that we wear and we do what the hell we want. The female movement is only getting bigger and this is a trend that really sets that concept in motion. Fashion is powerful, we are all aware of that. But sometimes we don't even realise how powerful fashion can be. A slogan top is more than just a sarcastic or empowering word/slogan its a statement and it represents our attitude and are emotions through what we wear.

Above are some of my favs, but trust me I have way more to come. I will be creating a wishlist on my blog where I will update it regularly with all the pieces I am loving, so make sure you keep an eye out for that coming to the blog soon. 

Jumper - Primark - SOLD OUT
Platforms - Office - SOLD OUT

Fashion Bambi

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Gingham takeover

I am completely obsessed with this style right now, I feel like the trends hitting the high street and online shops are right up my street at the moment. I am all about slogan tees, statement jackets and of course my favourite kicks. So the fact I am now wearing different trousers/bottoms other than my usual black skinny jeans is a huge thing for me. I love the whole gingham trend but wasn't sure what type of item to buy in that print. I tried on these trousers and I had to own them, I am for sure a trouser girl and I was really after adding something new to my wardrobe. These trousers were for sure the item I was looking for and the fact that all you need is a simple tee and some trainers makes this my favourite piece of clothing right now, because its super simple yet they completely stand out. 

If you are after a gingham piece but not sure what to get and which piece would suit you then I have put together some of my favourite gingham pieces right now and hopefully you will find one that suits you. I feel like I may be jumping on this trend late, but it seems to have taken me so long to find the perfect gingham trousers that suit me. However now I have them I think I may be a little gingham obsessed and will be purchasing some new gingham very soon. Take a look at some of my favourite gingham pieces hitting the shops right now...



I have linked all of the pieces of this outfit above and linked my favourite gingham pieces, click on the pictures and they will take you directly to the link. If you buy any of the gingham pieces mentioned or have some gingham favs feel free to link them below. I have linked all of my socials below to so you can connect with me over on my channels too. 

xoxo Fashion Bambi

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Monday, 14 August 2017




I am loving my slogan tees right now and I love searching around to find the perfect t-shirts to add to my growing collection. This tee is from a new website I have been loving called LOTD, its a great online store with super amazing offers and low prices! This top is the perfect combo to my black flair trousers. I am completely obsessed with these, they are the perfect fit and they create a really minimal and chilled out look. I paired them with my favourite kicks and a slogan tee to round up the outfit and I have to say this is defiantly my go to style right now.  

I hope you enjoy the look and I have left links to all of the items above, just select on the picture and they will take you right to it. I will see you all on my next post.

Fashion Bambi

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Right now I feel like everyone on social media is having a real love/hate relationship with social platforms and especially the likes of instagram. But lets be honest we love are apps and yes we moan, but we won't delete them. So I wanted to do a post about my favourite apps and the ones I love as an influencer and platforms that everyone should give a good go. Heres a look at my favourite apps...

Instagram - Follow me over there

Instagram, its the app everyone is fighting yet its still my favourite. I get that the algorithm is pushing everyones buttons right now and this whole follow and unfollow process is really disappointing. I myself get so frustrated with this and just wish that people would only follow my account if they actually like it, not for a follow back. I follow accounts I like, its that simple. But other than this annoying aspect, I really do love this app. I have discovered so many new and upcoming brands through instagram and got to make online friends through reaching other bloggers and influencers on insta. This app is a great way to show insight into your life and also to show your personality and interests through your photographs. I also love insta stories so much!! It's such a great feature to use and add the personal touch to an instagram picture, I feel like this gives you a connection to the person behind the pictures. I also love a good filter and a theme so for me the whole should I/shouldn't I have a theme doesn't bother me. I am a little OCD so I like it all to look nice, anyone that knows me personally would say the same. Overall, this app is my favourite because it really is a source of great connection, beautiful imagery, young fashion brands and incredible influencers.

Twitter - Follow me over there

Twitter is a new favourite social media platform of mine. I never really used it before and found that there was a lot of negativity online, always bitchy comments about influencers or general over opinionated people that never seemed to say anything nice. However I started up a new account and started connecting with people that had the same interests as me, connecting with friends and making online friends too. I now love the turnaround twitter has had and that it has become a platform of support and interest. There are now amazing accounts for new bloggers/creaters to share there latest posts and accounts retweet them and connect you with other people. This is such a great way to get your stuff out there and to meet others who would like your content. It's a lot more than your basic thoughts and random comments, its now a place to grow and find lots more people from all around the world. Overall twitter has changed my opinion of it and I am loving the growth it is having.

Facebook - Follow me over there

Facebook isn't a big platform that I really enjoy, It's full of memes and videos that are either not amusing at all or gross. The odd meme I do like everyone does, but my Facebook feed is full of them. But I do really recommend creating a Facebook page to help build your name whether its for blogging, youtubing, photography, brands etc as its great to look at other peoples pages because lets be honest everyone has Facebook. I have only just created a Facebook page myself and its something I want to work on, but already I've found some great brands and its also a great way to get all your family and friends connected to your blog etc rather than spamming them with all your social stuff on your Facebook profile. Overall this is new for me and something I want to continue to connect with others.

Bloglovin - Follow me over there

Bloglovin is another huge favourite of my I love it!! It's another new app for me as I am fairly new at the blogging game and came across bloglovin through social media. However I am now obsessed with it, I have found so many amazing blogs from foodie blogs to lifestyle blogs. There is literally something for everyone. I spend so much time on bloglovin reading so many blog posts from people with huge amount of followers to new bloggers and I just love it. This platform has so much variety and styles in the sense of the people that use it. I think this is the easiest way to catch up on all your favourite bloggers and find out the latest trends that people are blogging about. Lets be honest we don't have time to write in peoples blog names and catch up on everyones posts, and sometimes we miss new posts on instagram or twitter. So this way you follow them as soon as you see a blog you like then you can always keep up to date with all there posts in one place. Overall I am loving this app so much and can't wait to explore lots more blogs.

Youtube - Subscribe to my channel

Youtube is a app that I have used way before I had my own channel. I have watched so many videos over the years and followed along some of my favourite youtubers. Having my own channel is a very new process for me. I love watching other peoples videos and seeing the amount of content people create and the variety of it. Youtube is something you can just flick on in bed and catch up on all your favourite channels. I love how I have watched so many people from all around the world creating similar videos but having their own identity, it's great. I love the community of youtube and seeing the response people get for making great content. Regardless whether you have a channel yourself its more than that, I just love watching other peoples videos and seeing the youtube community grow and grow. Overall I think everyone should have a youtube account because you can save videos, like videos, show people support and connect to channels. Its a great ever growing platform for everyone to use.


This is a new app I have been using for the last couple of weeks and had to talk about it. This is a super handy app that every influencer who wants to promote their social channels should use. This is an app that can schedule things like tweets for you. It means that if you know your going to be working all day or have a busy day you can schedule your tweets the night before and have them all set for the next day. This is great for me because my days vary right now and its a great way to make sure you are always connecting with people and talking about your socials. It's every busy persons dream app and a super handy tool to set you up for the day. Overall I couldn't recommend this app enough.


The only editing app I use to edit my instagram pictures. There you have it, if you look at my instagram and like my feed then this is the app I use to edit all of my photographs. I love this app, I have been using this app for so long and find it does everything I need it to all in one app. I have seen a lot of people using a number of apps and filters but for me it would be to confusing, I like having all my editing software in one single app. You can do anything from crop, brighten and add a filter to name but few things this app does. Got a dull, dark photo? No problem this app can change your photograph in no time. I highly recommend giving this a go and having a play around with all of its different features and effects, its super easy to navigate and hassle free. Overall this takes over any other editing app I use to edit my instagram pictures and it should be in everyones phone or tablet. 

There you have it, that is all of my favourite apps in a single post for you. I hope this gave you some insight into some of the apps and why I use them.

Fashion Bambi xoxo

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