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Thursday, 3 August 2017


Today's post is all about Zoella's new Jelly & Gelato beauty range. I picked up some of the new products from Superdrug and thought I would give them a try, the packaging was too cute to resist. Firstly , lets start there. I mean how cute is the packaging I am completely obsessed with the colours and the mix of patterns and shades. To the names - I just love how she's really linked the Jelly & Gelato theme by creating super cute foodie names for each product. As a whole I wasn't quite sure which bits to purchase from the range, so I went with these 6 products.

I am really happy with these products and I defiantly think they are worth a try. I have used Zoella's past ranges before but never tried as many as this range. I am a sucker for her scrubs anyway so I always seem to purchase them from every range of hers. However as someone who adores bubble baths and that perfect pamper night, these products were right up my street. I love trying out bath ranges for the simple fact of, I basically have an obsession with bubble baths and buy into the whole idea of bath/pamper ranges. So buying these and giving them a try wasn't much of a persuasion for me.

Shower Sauce & Shower Shake

I am loving both of these shower gels because they are completely different, don't get me wrong the smell of both is the same however the actual form and consistency is different. If your after more of a thin and gel like shower product then the shower sauce is for you. It's light on the skin and has a runny and gel like feel to it so is very similar to a standard shower gel. On the other hand, if you are more into a cream like and thicker substance then you would prefer the shower shake. This is more like a body lotion in the shower and comes out a lot thicker, making it lather up a lot more, moisturising it in the process. Overall I really liked both, I would say the shower sauce is more for a shower and the shower shake is more for a bath.

Body Pudding & Cream Scrub

The body pudding is the perfect after shower/bath body moisturiser. I really love the consistency of this, it's not to thick and has that perfect not stick feel to it. It's super easy to rub in and it really does make your skin feel super soft after using it. I also found that when I had a bath the following day, I could still feel the softness of the body pudding from the day before and the excess soak into the bath. I think thats so important for a good body lotion because I can get pretty dry legs after the amount of shaving/fake tanning I do. So having a product that really keeps your body soft for long periods of time means your using less product and can still notice a difference.

The cream scrub is actually a lot different from her other scrubs. I find that most of Zoella's scrubs have that scoop and dunking feel to it, you just pull out a big lot and put it on your skin. However this scrub feels more like a balm, you have to rub the product rather than scoop it out. I actually quiet like that because it means again your wasting less product and you get that perfect amount of scrub across the areas of your body. This is great for exfoliating your body without the actual scrub feel, no rough scrub rubbing into your pours. Leaving it super soft ready for the rest of your pampering.

Pink Bath Wafers & Bath Frosting

The Pink Bath wafers are a great way to add a little fun fizz to your bath time. They smell amazing and create a burst of flavour and the adding of shea butter leaves your skin soaking in a soft fizz of bubbles. My only criticism would be they don't last very long as it says to use a full wafer each time and the pack only comes with 2 inside. However this can be resolved, if you want to saver some of the fizz they try breaking them in half to give you 4 fizzy baths instead of 2. Then we have the bath frosting, you get 4 packets within the tin to create your frothy bubble bath. I love the smell of these and how you simply pour under running water to get a foamy and creamy bath which is enriched in the pomegranate and elderflower scent. I really like both of these bath products, as like I mentioned before I am a sucker for bubble baths so I love trying out different things to make your bath more exciting.

Fashion Bambi xoxo

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  1. I really need to try this collection everybody seems to be raving and the packaging is so cute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yes you do! I loved it, the packaging is super cute and its defo worth a try! xx

  2. Your photos are fab! I am so excited by this collection and even more so by Zoella's new lifestyle range.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  3. Aww thank you! Ahhh I know how cute is her new range, I need one of those pillows!! xx

  4. I totally agree! These look absolutely incredible and soooooo cute! I loved reading your post, very detailed and made me want to try it so bad. I really need to give these a try asap! X

    1. Aww thanks so much for the lovely comment! glad you liked reading my post and yessss they are too cute not to try haha! x

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