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Monday, 18 September 2017


Stationary has defiantly become a trend and having the most stylish and cool pieces is something every uni student or school student knows about. We have to have the latest designs and each year its all about the stationary we will be taking on our first day back. The endless youtube stationary hauls and the new season launches makes stationary a big part of your daily routine. I have finished university so technically I don't need to buy any new stationary, however being a blogger/youtuber I like to plan everything from what blog posts I am going to write, youtube video ideas and what brand I'm collaborating with. Therefor stationary is always a must for me too. 

I have collaborated with London based textile designer Sophia O'connor, to create this blog post and show you some of her one off and handmade designs. I was super excited to work with someone who is fresh from designing at university much like myself recently finishing this year. I also loved the idea of supporting and promoting a textile designer who is a fresh and a upcoming creative. I really love her unique mix of designs and how her inspiration comes from fashion, architecture and print. She kindly sent me over some of her notebooks and greetings cards to review for you all. Immediately I was completely drawn in by the prints and textures, they are super vibrant and each item has its own personality.

I am someone who loves finding birthday cards which are different and unique, symbolising the persons personality or todays generation. A card to me isn't just getting the best friend card you can find at clintons which is the same card they create every single year. I like to go to different places and buy cards from the likes of Jolly Awesome and Scribbler as they have a variety of designs and are much more my vibe. I love that these cards are one off, they are empty inside so you can design and write whatever you like without the annoying 'have a great day' saying in the centre of the card. I love that they are completely simplistic, nothing but the pattern which doesn't need any stereotypical words or overused quotes. They are exactly what they say they are, one off and handmade. So if your someone who appreciates designs and has a love for unique pieces even if its just a card, then Sophia O'Connors designs are for you.


She doesn't just create cards, her notebooks are super handy, they are that perfect on the go notebook so you never miss a creative idea and its not to heavy to hold in your bag, infact they are super cute and so light. She also creates amazing art prints and homeware pieces, I have picked some of my favourite items above so you can get an idea of her full range. If you want to add a little happiness, vibrance and positivity to your home then I recommend you take a look at some of Sophia's quirky designs. 

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You can also find some of Sophia O'Connors designs over on Not on the high street, so make sure you go and check them out. I Really hope you enjoyed reading something different on my blog and enjoyed my collaboration with Sophia O'Connor. 

Fashion Bambi xoxo

Sunday, 10 September 2017



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