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Friday, 15 December 2017


Staying in your lane... what I mean by this is always do you. Social media and the concept of forever being on our phones, seeing peoples 'life' sprayed all over the internet wondering if we could have a life like theirs or feeling completely shadowed by the internet. It's normal, we all do it. I have days where I have no inspiration, I don't know what pictures to shoot for my instagram or what to blog about next. Then you hop online and see everyones creativity and outbursts of content all around you, it can sometimes get so overwhelming. 

I have seen a lot on social media lately with people saying they are taking a break from blogging and having some much needed time off because its all getting to much. I get that, it can be so overwhelming and you can put yourself under so much pressure that your brain just needs to take a step back. But I also say 'stay in your lane'. Social media and people sharing shouldn't knock you down or give you a mental block, let it give you inspiration and really find your niche. 

Instead of being sucked in with peoples 'insta life' get to know people in the industry, talk. Message people that inspire you, support each other and make new friends. I love to learn and see how different people blog and what they love to blog about. Stay connected, don't just look at a photograph and make an assumption of people or their life. An insta life is exactly what it says on the tin, its on instagram. It's the pictures people choose to share, the ones to keep people interested. You can be apart of the community and not feel consumed by it, you just have to find your place and do what you want to do.

My concept of 'staying in your lane' comes in so many aspects for me, ever had 'friends' that feel the need to copy or mimic what you do? I have, it's exhausting and frustrating. What I have learnt while blogging so far is this. No one can be you, no one can be me. No matter what other people are doing, even if it's something that really gets on your nerves, let it be. Thats not your lane and your not in it.

I am someone who use to care a lot what people thought of me, but then I grew up. I changed, I did this. I created my own blog and I did me. For so long I felt I wasn't good enough to do this or none would be interested in my blog. But then I thought 'fuck it' I want to do it, for me, none else. This is my life and if I want to do something I am passionate about, then I will. Not everyone will like you, a lot of people will slag you or slate you. Thats okay, thats what they want to do, don't let their opinion effect you, always stay in your lane.

 If you are blogging or struggling to find your place, it's okay. Everyones life is different but its their own. I feel I have changed so much since I started blogging, at first I didn't really know what to shoot or how to be on the internet. Then I realised, being me is my super power, sounds cheesy I know. I just mean that theres only one of me (as far as I know) and my blog is for me to do exactly that. If you don't know exactly who you are yet or what you want to do. Stay focused, don't give up and stay in your lane.

Also I am not a huge blogger, I have goals and things I would love to do and targets I would dream of meeting. I am new to this, I am growing and learning day by day. I only began to really focus on my blog late this year. But I don't stress about that anymore. What happens, happens. Theres no pressure, theres just me and my blog. It will take me where it does, but I won't give up because this is what I love to do. Staying in my lane is exactly what I will do and doing so means that I can never be disappointed in any aspect of my life, because I am taking charge of it.

Stay in your lane and don't ever let anyone take charge of it, its your life.

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