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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Fitness, goals and the journey so far

I've become addicted to the gym...thats something I never thought I would say, but well a lot has changed and I thought why not do a blog post on it. Just to start off, I am no fitness pro with the body of a goddess but I've come a long way and want to share my journey and knowledge of fitness so far. 

So lets go back to the beginning I started going to the gym in May 2017 and thats when the buzz of the gym really kicked in. I feel like people have so many reasons for starting the gym or exercising, something hits you then boom. Mine came from two places, the first one was yes my body, I wasn't happy with how I looked. I have never been over weight and always been a size 8 however I always hated my legs. I felt out of proportion to the top half of my body. My legs was where I put all of my weight and my ass of course (which is why the name peachy seems to stick). But I guess the worse time for me was summer, I dreaded it! The shorts,dresses and skirts...I hated summer clothes so much and going on holiday was always my most insecure regarding my body. Sad yet funny story...I would wake up every day on holiday put my bikini bottoms on turn to my boyfriend and cry, I felt so self conscious of my legs and always thought they were huge. So yes I had the usual, I hate my body lets go to the gym and get a bikini body.

 But the main reason that actually pushed me to go to the gym I mentioned in my last post. My anxiety. At university I use to shake a lot, and get really bad anxiety and I needed something to release all of the stress and make me feel better, so I started the gym. I can't tell you how much this helped, how much better I felt. It was a complete turnaround and after I saw the improvements in my anxiety and my fitness I got hooked.

So from the anxiety improving and basically going away I started to focus on my fitness and what my body could get out of the gym. I was so unfit when I started back in May, I could hardly do any cardio without being out of breath. Then trying weights really was hard work, I had such weak arms I could barely lift a weight without doing damage. This took months for me to get stronger, fitter and healthier. It feels impossible when you start, so much effort and you feel like your not getting anywhere. But then you do, those little changes turn into big changes. I was seeing a difference in my shape, my size and my muscle. Then so did everyone else, my boyfriend noticed first the changes in my legs, my hips and my overall shape. Then its family, friends etc who notice the weight loss or the definition and it feels amazing. 

My legs, that was my target area but it was the longest process and still is. Like I said at the start of this post, my body isn't where I want it yet but theres a big difference. The first place I noticed was my hips, thats been the place that always stuck out and bugged me. They have reduced massively and I feel much more confident now. To then the legs, I finally started to loose weight and gain muscle. I had legs that didn't have any shape, they literally looked like sausages, no curves, no knees, no ankles. Now I have ankles(woooo). Cardio, thats my step 1. I do cardio for 20-30 mins every gym session, this can be interval training on the treadmill, or spin bike, cross trainer or high incline walking. This made a huge difference to my body, especially the weight loss off my legs and hips.

Then step 2, I then introduced weights and weight machines, this was to build muscle and create stronger arms and legs, as I want an overall more toned and sculpted look. I can now lift so much more on my arms and I finally have shape there too. I got stronger through weight lifting and began to research and watch videos on the types of things I could do. I spend about 30 mins on either weights or weight machines, this also includes squats with weighted bags or kettle bells. I like to mix it up, then I don't get bored, but weights have now become my favourite thing. I am becoming much more toned, the weight I lost has meant that I am building muscle on areas to create more shape. Then step 3, the last thing I introduced was mats, I now spend about 20 mins maybe longer on the mats focusing on core exercises. This has made my overall body so much stronger, I like to use TRX ropes or to just focus on my core through exercises with no added weights. I couldn't do a press up and I couldn't do a plank for longer than 10 seconds, I now do push ups as part of my routine and I do over a minute of the plank exercise every day. So in total I go to the gym 4-5 times a week for 1 hour, and I love it. 



Food for me wasn't an issue, I always ate healthy I just needed to work out and when I did have a naughty night unfortunately me the fat went onto my hips and legs. So I haven't gone into detail of what I eat or what you should eat because I am no expert. I make sure I have my protein in take through adding protein powders after a workout (I use the cute nutrition shakes). But yes I have my intake of protein, I have a lot of eggs, chicken, rice, veg, fruit as well. Balance is everything, I don't deprive myself ever and if I am craving some chocolate or something sweet I have replacements like ricecakes and peanut butter or strawberries and melted dark chocolate. Then when I do have a takeaway or go out for a meal I don't feel half as guilty because I know I am working out and looking after myself. Your diet is key, but one of the main things I have learnt is DO NOT WEIGHT YOURSELF. While you are going to the gym or working out there is no point weighing yourself. I weigh more than I did at the start of 2017 yet I look and feel so much better. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, so don't rely on the scales rely on the proof.

My goals for 2018 is to continue to work out, get stronger, fitter and become more toned(maybe even get abs). I will continue to have a balanced diet and lifestyle. Going to the gym and working out isn't just a body change its a mind change too, so if your thinking about it. Do it, you have nothing to loose. Everyone has a way in which suits them or what they like to do, stick with that and find your way. Once you have, you won't go back.

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