Sunday, 4 February 2018


Giving up is not an option for me...If I start something, I have to finish it. If its hard work I complete the challenge. Giving up is something I can't do. What am I referring too? My degree and my career.

As some readers will know, I got my BA Honours degree in Fashion Styling and Image Making last year and graduated in July. It was a long journey and I was glad for the finish line. I am so proud I got my degree and achieved that. But the journey after determines where your life will go. Unfortunately I didn't come out of university and have a job lined up. I started job hunting from may last year and nothing seem to come from anything I had applied for. Months later, a new year later and I am still not in full time, permanent employment. But its the time in between which lead me to my current position at AX Paris interning as a fashion assistant.

The first month off from university was my time of rest and enjoyment. But it soon became repetitive and beyond boring. Waiting around all day for people around me to finish work so I had someone to talk to and becoming completely hooked on netflix (I still am). I started the gym, began working out and also started up my blog properly and became addicted to social media. So yes it had its benefits because I am still loving blogging and working out has changed me a lot too. But its the mental stuff, the emotions, the self doubt. Thinking ugh why haven't I got a job yet? Am I not good enough? How long will I be out of work? so many questions were rolling around my head, I really began to doubt everything I had worked for.

It's so normal to start to rethink your future and what you will do with your life. Should I just jack it all in and work at my part time job full time and give up the dream. I just want to earn money, should I get a job anywhere? and I guess people go either way, you don't give up and go through the process or you let your life begin now and make the change. I really don't blame these people that choose to career change or not even use their degree because I know how hard it is to get somewhere and how life makes you feel like your behind. But I won't give up...am I there yet? No. Am I further than I was a month ago, Yes.


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All I kept getting was, you don't have enough experience...I was applying for jobs my degree had specialised in but that didn't matter. I didn't have enough experience and nowhere would give me a chance. I did a 6 week internship while I was doing my degree at Selfridges as a visual merchandiser but even that wasn't enough experience and specific enough for the roles I was applying for. But I kept at it, kept applying, sending out emails, pushing and pushing. But nothing seemed to budge, it just didn't matter that I has worked my arse off for the last 5 years in fashion and that I was really passionate and hard working. All of that didn't matter.

Then finally, I took the plunge and finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I have been interning at AX Paris for the last week as a fashion assistant and I will continue to intern with them. The bad news, I am unpaid. Therefor I am working 6 days a week to still get money in at the weekend. But wanna know the worst part? I am working for free yet I have busted a gut for the last 3 years to get my degree and working for free is my only option. But as you know, I am all for the positives so...I am gaining so much experience in my career choice for such a great company, already I have assisted on fashion shoots being a styling assistant, to shooting the product photography for the website, social media scheduling, editing and retouching and thats only week 1. This is experience that will push my cv that bit higher and make my chances that bit easier (well, I hope). So, like everything there is pros and cons but for me I am focusing on the pros and how much this will help me. Yeah I am knackered and skint but hey, least I am not giving up and giving myself the best chance.

No I am not a stylist/photographer yet and I haven't made it (yet). But yes I am on my way. I wanted to write this post to show why giving up isn't an option for me. Even though this journey is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped, its happening and I am being me along the way. If it takes you 1 month or 1 year it doesn't matter as long as its worth it. I believe in hard work and I don't know where my life or my career is going to take me, but I am excited to see where that might be. I am jumping in both feet first and soaking up every ouch of knowledge and skills I can to kickstart my future. Last week felt like the first day of my career, no matter where this role takes me its further than I was a month ago and to me, thats progress. Progress means its not worth giving up on and to stick at it. So I will.


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  1. Love this post! I'm currently doing my A Levels and sometimes I feel to just give up but reading this really made me think about how important it is to follow what you want, even if it means it'll be a difficult route. Congratulations on your degree and I wish you the best for the future :)

    aby | http://venusaby.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. So glad you love the post!! That makes me happy that this has helped, dont give up you can do this!! Thank you and good luck with your A levels xoxo


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