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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The misconception of a 'blogger' & why it's so far from the truth!

Misconception is something we have probably all been apart of, whether you have been the person judged or been the person judging. We all make misconceptions of someone, something or somewhere. I feel like the blogging industry is the biggest misconception right now and it's something I am noticing a lot. It's either floating around conversation in fashion companies, magazines or across social media. It's literally everywhere and the misconception is taking away the massive positive impact it is having on todays generation and the fashion industry as a whole. This is a conversation and argument a lot of bloggers are having online and the reason I am making my input on this is because I have seen it first hand and want to show that even smaller bloggers like myself have a voice in this industry whether its a full time job or a full time hobbie. It isn't as easy as people think and how people react to the word 'blogger' is forever changing. It's funny how people speak about blogging before you they know you have a blog, to how people react after you tell them you do. 

Example - 'These people that have a blog are so vain, they clearly think a lot of themselves.' To... 'oh you have a blog, how many followers do you have? Whats your instagram?'.

 From then on you get judged, and you can actually see peoples faces analysing you and what your about. This is something I didn't notice until I started to work in the fashion industry, when I started blogging at university only my family and friends knew I had a blog and they were supportive and open minded. But going into the world of fashion, meeting people online and getting to know people in the industry really opens your eyes to how people view online creatives. You see the reality of peoples thoughts of 'bloggers' and the misconception of them.

Firstly, bloggers aren't vain. Don't get me wrong I am sure there are bloggers that are vain, but I can only speak for myself and the bloggers I admire and connect with. It baffles me that the world can be so naive to such a huge movement and see 'bloggers' as vain, don't work hard and just want to be famous. All of those things are far from what myself as a person is about. Uploading images of yourself online isn't a way of showing how much you think of yourself, instead it becomes your own worst enemy. Constantly thinking you could look better and judging yourself so much. Uploading a picture online, on your own website is daunting, the thoughts of people laughing, thinking your ugly, judging your body. Everything crosses your mind, so in matter of fact, posting a picture or a series of pictures online for everyone to see is an achievement, you don't know the struggles people face even uploading that image and the amount of self talk it takes to put yourself out there.

Then there this whole concept of 'bloggers don't work hard' and 'they are doing it for the money'. Well what a load of rubbish that is. I am not a huge blogger name like 'Lydia Millen' or 'inthefrow' I am starting out and very much learning to grow and develop in the blogging industry. I happened to start a blog because I finished university and this became my hobbie, I have a degree in fashion styling and photography but getting into my career has been difficult, so I spent my time applying for jobs and starting up my blog. Like I said this isn't my income or my full time job but right now its my full time hobbie. I started a blog because I love to write, have a voice and talk about things I am passionate about. I also have a passion for style as its something I do in and outside of my working life so I thought it would be fun to create my own website which is my style diary, my writing corner and a platform for my portfolio. I never started this for the money or because I don't work hard, I actually work my ass off and this has been my side project and focus while I job hunt! If you talk to any blogger they will say their personal reason of why they started blogging, so maybe thats something more people need to listen too.

I am not going to go into detail about the hard work bloggers have to do because surely there content should represent that. These huge name bloggers are where they are because they worked their asses off, it wasn't handed to them. They worked for it just like any other career, working online is all based on who reads your stuff and who want to keep reading it. A bloggers job is never reliable and its not a determined career, it could start and end just as quickly if the time and effort isn't put in. I get bored of hearing how easy a bloggers life must be from people who have never even read a blog or who don't actually understand all the elements of blogging. It's not as simple as people like to think, it takes time, hard work, talent, determination and so much more.

We can all get consumed by what is happening on social media, you read something and it becomes true in your head, then a whole idea is built up from nothing. If we all believed everything we read online we would be an army of sheep. How about we connect, we find out and we read blogs? instead of jumping on this bandwagon and disregarding 'bloggers' people just need to take the time to read blog posts, connect with people online and understand the industry. You don't have to be a 'blogger' or a 'social influencer' to get it, but I think its a movement people can't ignore and its happening right now and changing the way fashion looks. So I believe its worth knowing about.

I am not hiding the fact that there is a lot of people who want to become bloggers for money, free gifts and to travel the world. But if I'm honest, I just don't follow and interact with those people. This whole buying followers, follow/unfollow game and not replying to comments, these are all things that point out the fakes. Just don't be naive to the reality that like everything in life theres always going to be different people doing the same things, someone could be doing the exact role you are but be doing it a completely different way. Thats just like the blogging industry, you just have to find the blogs and people you connect with and enjoy it. 

Having a voice online is a huge power, it's something we never had when you look back in history. So my advice to anyone that wants to blog is to do it. Because whether it becomes your career or is just a hobbie, it's a way of expressing yourself through style, writing and creating online. But my advice to anyone who reads blogs is, you don't have to blog because other people are doing it. It doesn't mean your left out if you don't have one yourself, bloggers wouldn't be successful without their readers therefor both bloggers and the readers combined is what impacts the fashion industry. The misconception of bloggers will continue to happen, I am not going to change that, but all I am saying is listen, interact and find out.



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