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Monday, 9 April 2018

My Zaful Wishlist

So I have a thing for cute tees, bodysuits, crops and two pieces right now and Zaful seem to be my go to for these styles. I was introduced to Zaful via social media last year and I've loved their pieces ever since. As my reader will know I am a sucker for a slogan and cute words and writing is a favourite trend of mine. I love the whole simplistic yet cutesy aesthetic a worded bodysuit or a slogan tee brings to an outfit. So I have created my very own Zaful wishlist, to show you the best bits from a very big website. There is so much to choose from and sometimes it can get overwhelming when there is a lot of choice online, so putting my key spring/summer pieces together makes it a little easier for you to shop the latest trends online.

Bright colours are becoming another favourite of mine, I am normally a classic black kind of girl but I have been branching out with oranges,red and yellows to really show off my outfits and create that statement look. I am also experimenting with pastels as I don't tend to wear them when coming to spring but feel like this trend of pastels comes back each year so I should really jump on board and get to grips with adding lighter colours to my wardrobe this spring. Those sunny days I am trying to add colour rather than an all black outfit. Don't get me wrong the black won't be leaving my wardrobe but others colours are going to be added because lets face it everyone needs to spice up there wardrobe coming into new seasons. So heres my top pics for spring...

Shop all Zaful products here


If you haven't checked out Zaful yet or because its american you think delivery costs etc would be too dear then think again, check out the website for amazing deals and bargain prices all transferred into £ for us UK members who love american outfits. They do great reward schemes and lots of offers to suit your needs. Amazing quality and lots of quirky pieces you can't get anywhere else. I have shot 2 outfits previously wearing Zaful products and I honestly can't recommend them enough!

Happy Shopping!!
Fashion Bambi



  1. Everything in this list is so beautiful!! Love the cacti swimsuit, so beautiful!!


    1. I am a little obsessed with it all tbh haha! Its so cute isnt it!! Thanks for the comment Yiota xoxo

  2. I'm loving the yellow colours this season!! It's so cute x

    Alice // The Rose Glow

    1. Me too!! Hahaha isnt it! Thanks for the comment Alice x


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