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Monday, 16 April 2018

self care, self love, self journey (part 2)

So my life has changed a lot recently, something happened that seemed to change everything and I guess you don't realise how much 1 thing can make your whole world feel like its crashing down. I say my life has changed a lot recently, thats not all true I am working and searching for a full time position in the fashion industry, still don't have my own car, still having tests regarding my stomach and I am still working at my part time job. So that stuff is the same and right now it's become much more apparent and frustrating as it ever has been. But something big in my life I am not going to go in detail and explain it, sorry but it's personal and I guess I don't feel ready to talk about it yet as it still feels pretty fresh.

But I wanted to write this blog post because through all the shit that seems to be going down in my life right now a whole new attitude and a whole new side of me has been emerging and I am pretty excited about exploring it. As a person I have always been older than my time as people would say, always sensible, serious, putting others first and I never really let loose. I am all about routine, familiarity and an end goal. But recently thats all changed, I don't want to just be all those things I want to have fun, enjoy being young, write a bucket list and just live a little. It may sound silly because I am only 21 and it sounds like I never have fun, its not that at all its the fact I don't really explore things, I don't really try new things and I always live by others. Now I don't want to and whats happened has seem to bring out this side of me. The side of me that lets my hair down, puts myself first, does more and well lets goes a little.


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When shit things in life happens theres 2 ways of dealing with it, either you get pretty low, feel sorry for yourself always crying and start overthinking everything. But then theres the other side, pulling out the positives, planning things, focusing on yourself and self care, letting loose a little and just looking to the future. Thats what I am doing, don't get me wrong times are crap sometimes, but I am all for focusing on the future and I heavily believe in the quote 'everything happens for a reason'. I can't control whats happening in my life but I can control how I feel and try to find the positive in it. So I thought, what could I do to really get this side of me I wrote a bucket list. 

My bucket list is getting bigger and bigger by the day, but I am so excited to tick everything off and I never would have wrote one if this didn't happen. So far I have ticked off a couple of things such as continuing to work out, I got a piercing and I booked a girls trip to Dublin with my best friend. I have so much on the list such as going to disneyland, get a tattoo and go on a hot air balloon. All things I don't know when I will achieve but I will because I have never wanted to do all this stuff more than I do right now. My life right now seems uncertain I don't really know whats round the corner for me career wise or personally and I just want to enjoy the ride instead of dwelling on it. Sometimes in life you get knocked back in so many aspects that something finally hits you and focusing on yourself and even accessing a new side of yourself becomes the main focus of everything.

With everything thats happening in my life career wise, personally, basically all the elements that are negative right now has made me realise that life is too short. Everything can change so quickly and were not in control of it. Life throws you punches and I say lets punch back, be strong and get through the shit. Appreciate the moments, be surrounded by the people that mean the most, laugh a lot and lighten up, show people you love them and never give up on yourself. Because at the end of the day you came into this world alone and you will leave it alone, sounds brutal but it's true. So continue to be passionate, fight for what you believe in, be determined, learn as much as you can and be the best version of yourself...for yourself.

 I did a post on self care right when my world did come crashing down and I guess this is a follow on from that post and where I am at now. As ever this is a personal one and I am being completely honest with my writing, so if your going through a shit time know that your not alone and keep your chin up! Life is full of ups and downs, enjoy the ride.

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  1. Love this post! Even though I'm only 17 quite a few events in my life has happened that made me feel so miserable and it even made me worry about my future. This post reminds me that when there's sadness, there's happiness round the corner :)

    venus |

  2. Really glad you like this post and you can relate! Life really is hard sometimes regardless of your age, so happy that this post brings a positive outlook for you!! Thanks for reading and the comment!!


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